Drug Intervention in Nacogdoches, TX

An intervention is a carefully planned event in which friends or family members of someone with an addiction confront the addict about their behavior. The intent is to make the addict aware of how their behavior is affecting them and others. This is not done in an accusatory fashion, but rather in a compassionate and fact-oriented way. Very often, friends and family members intervene because they want the addict to enter drug addiction treatment center. Drug intervention in Nacogdoches typically is done under the guidance of a licensed intervention counselor, therapist or similar professional.

These counselors are trained to keep everyone calm. They also have connections to other community workers who might assist with the invention and drug addiction recovery process.

How to Stage an Intervention

Every individual who suffers from drug abuse or addiction is different with a unique set of beliefs, experiences and circumstances. Subsequently, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to staging a drug intervention in Nacogdoches. Drug intervention for addiction usually begins with finding an addiction invention specialist to work with.

You often can find these professionals by contacting local therapist offices, your local health department, your police department, local health clinics or specialized drug addiction intervention centers.

Once you know which professional is going to work with you, figure out who else you want in your intervention group. Friends and family members are always top choices, but you also might want to consider other individuals, such as the addict's boss or the addict's current physician.

The important thing is that everyone involved truly cares about the addict and can offer some kind of support. Each person should be able to explain to the addict the toll their addiction is taking and why they want the addict to enter treatment. Try to consider whether the addict will feel overwhelmed with the number of people involved-you want them to feel embraced and see that people care, but you don't want them to feel like everyone is ganging up on them and stealing control. And remember, the more people you involve, the greater the risk one of them could inadvertently cause a problem.

With the intervention group assembled, have each person write out their feelings and observations about the addict's behavior. Role play reading these to the addict with your intervention specialist. Then decide when and where you will have the intervention. Pick a location and time you know the addict will feel safer with and, ideally, not be under the influence of their drug.

Then comes the most difficult part-the drug intervention itself. Get the addict to the drug invention in Nacogdoches in a discrete way. Then have the professional you've selected from drug addiction intervention centers or other organizations guide you and the others in your group through reading out what you've written. Tell the addict outright that you care about them and want them to enter treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab in Nacogdoches.

What Can I Expect from an Intervention?

Drug intervention in Nacogdoches can be unpredictable. Some addicts are incredibly relieved to realize that others care about them enough to intervene. Others know that they are loved but become aware of how harmful their behaviors are for the first time. These addicts often willingly and genuinely agree to treatment, although they often feel scared and nervous about getting help. But other addicts have very negative reactions.

They feel like those on the intervention team don't understand them, and they vehemently deny that they have a problem or are endangering themselves or others. They take the pleas for treatment as a threat to their freedom and independence, or they refuse treatment because they don't want to face their inner demons.

Sometimes they agree to treatment with no real intent of going, just to make the current problem go away. They sometimes argue with the intervention team, become violent and/or try to flee. For this reason, it's recommended that your intervention specialist make police aware of the invention and be ready to call them in an emergency.

In general, drug intervention for addiction has a very high success rate, with more than 80 percent of addicts who go through one seeking treatment in 24 hours. Another 10 percent seeks help within the week. If the intervention is truly successful, the addict not only will get help, but also will start to repair the damage they caused to everyone.

If a drug rehab intervention does not work, you will need to follow through with any consequences you put forth during the intervention process, such as cutting ties or removing them from your home. You might need to consider having the addict get into our drug rehab in Nacogdoches involuntarily. The good news is, entering voluntarily or involuntarily should not negatively influence the treatment outcome, and ultimately, it could save the addict's life. Call us now for help (936) 641-5116.

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