Drug Rehab in Nacogdoches, TX

Drug rehab refers to the process of stopping or recovering from drug abuse. The term also is used to refer to the facilities at which this process takes place. Drug rehab in Nacogdoches can involve virtually any substance, including over-the-counter or prescription medications, illegal drugs (e.g., heroin) or other chemicals like household cleansers.

When you go through drug rehab in Nacogdoches, the first priority typically is to help you safely detox. Psychological and physiological dependence that occurs with drug addiction often means that, if you abruptly stop using, you'll experience withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms, such as nausea or cramps, are uncomfortable, but others, such as hallucinations or seizures, can be life threatening. The professionals at a rehab center will carefully monitor you and, if necessary, provide medications to keep you safe as you get clean.

Once you have successfully gone through medical detox in Nacogdoches, you will engage in various therapies, such as group, behavioral or art therapy, to help you understand the root causes and triggers related to your drug use. The therapists generally will customize your therapies according to your unique needs, but the objectives are to help you overcome denial you might feel about the drug abuse being harmful, and to help you set short- and long-term goals for positive change.

The last stage of drug rehab in Nacogdoches is reintegration or aftercare. During this stage, you attempt to get back to normal living, such as returning to work. Reintegration can overlap with regular therapy, with many people regularly checking in with professionals for support after leaving the drug rehab facility.

In general, detox takes approximately a week, with the entire rehab lasting about a month. But every individual is different. It is not uncommon for a person to stay in a rehab facility for several months, depending on their level of dependency and personal circumstances.

Common Drug Addiction Trends and Usage

Nationally, opioids have become particularly problematic. But according to Jane Maxwell of the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work, in Texas, alcohol remains the main drug for which people are admitted to DSHS-funded treatment centers, with 20,230 admissions in 2015. Other problematic substances include heroine (10,989), marijuana (16,988), methamphetamine (9,476), cocaine (3,650) and crack (3,313).

Treatment Options

If you opt to enter drug rehab in Nacogdoches, you typically can choose from outpatient or inpatient rehab in Nacogdoches. Outpatient treatment allows you to continue with your regular responsibilities while coming to the rehab facility at scheduled times during the week. It's a good option if you have a strong support network and/or have a mild substance abuse problem.

Inpatient drug rehab requires you to stay at the rehab center, so it is more disruptive and expensive. However, it can remove you from temptations, and you can get around the clock support and monitoring. It's better when your support system is weak and/or your substance abuse problem is more advanced. Some facilities offer only one type of treatment, but many offer both.

When choosing a drug rehab treatment center, try to avoid "fast" or "quick" detox programs. These use anesthesia so you don't feel withdrawal symptoms, but because there is a risk of problems such as asphyxiation if you vomit, they are considered much more dangerous.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Rehab?

People often are hesitant to enter drug rehab for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Embarrassment
  • Fear
  • Lack of money or insurance
  • Logistical difficulties, such as having someone to watch their children
  • Lack of awareness of how their drug use is harming them or others

Entering drug addiction rehab can make the detoxification process much more comfortable and safe due to the use of professionally administered medications. But the professionals at drug addiction rehab facilities don't just want you to detox--they want you to thrive for the rest of your life. By using therapy to get to the heart of why you use and reveal your drug use patterns, you can come up with new strategies and routines to stay clean.

Drug rehab in Nacogdoches is also beneficial in that rehab facilities provide family therapies. These can help mend relationships your drug use might have broken, ensuring you have more support when rehab is finished. Many people close to drug users change their own negative patterns of behavior as a result of these programs, are happier and become better models.

Lastly, drug addiction rehab connects you to a host of great resources. This might mean basic support groups or mentors, but it also can mean housing assistance, work training or the opportunity to take educational courses.

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